Wilwood 150-14776K Brake Pads (set of 2)

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Pad Dimensions

Thickness(in) .60

Area(in²) 6.36

Volume(in³) 3

Bedded N


UPC Number

UPC 889545083217


BP-30 Compound


Pad Characteristics

High friction pad with medium initial response, rises with increased temperature

Medium low temperature response

Low wear rate during sustained high heat braking

Predictable and linear response with excellent modulation

Very high heat fade resistance


Pad Applications

Racing only – Not for street use

Road course

Heavy duty pavement oval

Drag racing stainless

Sprint cars SAS

Titanium and Stainless

Club sport racers

Track cars with ABS


Rotor Material


Stainless Steel


Super Alloy


Additional information

Weight 0.60 kg
Dimensions 16 × 6 × 3.5 cm