Lucas Racing Engine Oil, Synthetic SAE 20W-50, 5 Quart (4.73 litre)

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Lucas Synthetic SAE 20W-50 Racing Oil is fortified with unique additives and additive packages.  This premium racing oil contains high levels of zinc, molybdenum and phosphorus, which provides a tougher, thicker tribological film at critical engine points to provide maximum protection even under the most severe conditions.  The base oil is entirely synthetic being a judicious blend of synthetic esters, low-viscosity polyalphaolefins (PAO) and high moelcular weight metallocen polyalphaolefin (mPAO), the cutting-edge technology in synthetic base stocks.  Lower oil temperatures, extended oil life and minimum wear are the result.  This relatively viscous multi-grade oil shows improved film strength between the cylinder wall and piston rings and slows oil burning with improved oil pressure even in worn engines, standing up to high operating temperatures.  Despite its robust viscosity at operating temperature, Lucas Synthetic 20W-50 has excellend cold temperature fluidity.  This premium racing oil is appropriate with all racing fuels.  It is fully compatible with synthetic and non-synthetic oils.


Lucas Synthetic SAE 20W-50 is typically used in Sprint Cars, Modified, Late Model Dirt & Asphalt, NHRA, IHRA, Sportsman Drag Racing, Super Comp, Off-Road Pro 2 & 4, Trophy Trucks, Air Cooled Volkswagen Buggies, Hot Rods and Drifting.


Lucas Synthetic SAE 20W-50 is for RACING APPLICATIONS ONLY.

It is not recommended for passenger car use.

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