Lucas Racing Engine Oil SAE 20W-50, 5 Quart (4.73 litre)

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Designed for the high performance racing industry, Lucas Petroleum SAE 20W-50 Racing Oil is blended with an exclusive additive package that includes lubricity agents and anti-seize agents that control drag like a zero weight oil and protects metal like a heavy multi-viscosity oil — perfect for high RPM & high horsepower engines. The high degree of zinc, molybdenum, and phosphorus lowers oil temperate, extends oil life, and minimizes metal fatigue. It improves the film strength between the cylinder wall and piston rings. It also slows oil burning and improves pressure in worn engines. Excellent for use with turbo-charged or nitrous oxide power adders.


Lucas SAE 20W-50 Racing Engine Oil helps maintain more consistent oil pressure even with a high degree of fuel contamination. It resists breakdown from contact with racing fuels at least 50% longer than conventional racing oils. Safety blends with other engine oils, even synthetics.

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