KSE Elixer Power Steering Fluid, 1 Quart

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1 Quart Elixer Power Steering Fluid


With the frequency and pressure of racing power assist being twice that of stock power systems, it’s obvious that stock power steering fluid is not adequate. Would you use 10W30 motor oil in a racing engine? Of course not! That is why KSE has developed a power steering fluid designed to handle the stresses of racing power steering.


The Elixer is non-synthetic blend which has a higher viscosity index, anti-foaming, anti-wear, and anti-oxidation capabilities to handle the racing power steering stresses. The Elixer will minimize power assist fade, low-cornerspeed assist loss, and decrease heat generation. We also have made the color a “cool” blue to help in identifying oil leak origins.


The Elixer completes the total racing power steering system. When it comes to steering, go with a name you can trust…KSE!

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